Briana Larson November 6, 2019

Children often have tons of energy to spare. This is why parents of kids under five years old usually don’t have a problem with keeping them active. However, as they grow older, they no longer get enough exercise.  Kids nowadays enjoy their leisure

Briana Larson September 24, 2019

People can no longer afford sedentary lifestyles since these contribute to an unhealthy weight that has been linked to most lifestyle conditions. Most of them are thus engaging in sports. Though this has seen a drop in the risk of contracting lifestyle

Briana Larson September 5, 2019

As a general rule, sports evolve slowly. The emphasis for evolution is a constant improvement of the quality of the game, as well as the way the spectators enjoy it. Sports is about an ideal where the professionals go beyond the capabilities of normal

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Lawn Activities for the Summer

Summer’s here, and that often means finding new and cool (sometimes literally) ways to entertain yourself and the kids. While a lot of these may involve going to the mall, amusement park, or any other place with airconditioning, sometimes it’s

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