Detox Cleansing – Top Detox Cleanses After a Holiday

Briana Larson November 29, 2022

Data from the US Travel Association shows that US travel spending has been steadily increasing since the start of the pandemic. September 2022 saw a 6 percent increase over 2019 levels.   While leisure travel is still one of Americans’ top

How to Stay Fit During the Holidays (Tips for a Healthy Holiday)

Briana Larson November 29, 2022

As the Covid-19 travel restrictions begin to relax, holiday bookings have surged, and many are looking forward to spending time with family and friends again. But while the thought of reuniting with loved ones is undoubtedly exciting, for many, the holidays

Should You Eat Before or After Exercising? (Workout Do’s and Don’ts)

Briana Larson November 3, 2022

Exercising is an effective way to improve your physical fitness and overall health, but it’s essential to ensure that you’re doing it correctly to avoid injury and maximize the benefits.  Many fitness buffs and people trying to lose weight

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A Woman’s Guide to Spending Less on Clothes

Most women love to shop, whether for clothes, shoes, bags, or jewelry. While there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself now and then by buying the things that make you happy, there are instances wherein you might find yourself short

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